Friday, December 07, 2012


Well, as some of you know everyone at work was given the chance to have their genome sequenced with the view of looking for certain traits.  Here is the results

rs2131925 GT
rs2815752 AG
rs10924081 AA
rs984222 CC
rs7522380 AG
rs141282873 TT
rs12566888 GG
rs2814778 TT
rs1704745 AG
rs1011731 AA
rs73068734 GG
rs1668873 GG
rs4846567 GT
rs4481887 AG
rs2058754 AC
rs4971516 TT
rs1367117 AG
rs713586 CT
rs77703766 AA
rs4299376 GT
rs17045941 CG
rs2192015 CT
rs1596930 GG
rs56324656 AT
rs34149969 AC
rs142238274 GT
rs922452 CC
rs149528480 TT
rs1530559 GG
rs7570971 AC
rs3940549 AG
rs4988235 AG
rs12986776 CC
rs1649569 CT
rs6737672 AA
rs560887 CT
rs73082223 TT
rs7603279 AA
rs17279437 GG
rs1354034 CC
rs34266487 CC
rs6779741 CT
rs58827274 CC
rs10938397 AG
rs1458038 CT
rs75958653 AG
rs16891982 GG
rs37369 TT
rs12203592 CT
rs1294421 GG
rs28757581 AG
rs9295791 AA
rs6905288 GG
rs2479987 CT
rs7764454 GT
rs4896067 CC
rs2191349 TT
rs6968865 AT
rs1055144 CT
rs4607517 GG
rs114511432 AC
rs342293 CG
rs713598 GG
rs3958991 GG
rs4921914 TT
rs12678919 AA
rs1451240 AG
rs60855925 GG
rs1871534 GG
rs1408799 CT
rs10966900 TT
rs8176719 -C
rs4590817 GG
rs2393967 AC
rs3964382 AG
rs1329650 GG
rs932764 AG
rs11191548 TT
rs6578434 CT
rs12274304 GG
rs10767664 AA
rs9667766 AA
rs189303654 GG
rs7944584 TT
rs1815739 CT
rs1393350 GG
rs1387153 CC
rs11223548 CC
rs1558324 AG
rs7300229 CG
rs11051289 TT
rs10772420 GG
rs7960970 AC
rs4931618 CC
rs4766578 AA
rs2074356 GG
rs830124 GG
rs9507502 TT
rs4349012 CT
rs9518951 CC
rs28477704 AC
rs1953558 TT
rs12896399 GT
rs28771143 AG
rs12147642 TT
rs12913832 GG
rs1834640 AA
rs1426654 AA
rs12903208 AA
rs2472297 CT
rs1378942 AC
rs1051730 GG
rs8029083 CT
rs61420932 TT
rs186934484 TT
rs1558902 TT
rs4238771 GG
rs1864163 AG
rs4782395 CT
rs2138852 CC
rs9894429 CT
rs9675595 CT
rs571312 AC
rs5020278 GG
rs6511720 GT
rs8101881 CC
rs10421769 TT
rs4105144 CT
rs601338 GG
rs6038189 CC
rs6118441 AC
rs2180439 CT
rs4812748 AA
rs6014096 AA
rs6015450 AA
rs6061352 GG
rs2827021 AA
rs1003719 AG
rs3747226 AA
rs6625163 AG
rs2497938 CT
MT-G3010A A
MT-T3027C T
MT-T4336C T
MT-G4580A G
MT-A4833G A
MT-T5004C T
MT-C5178a C
MT-A5390G A
MT-C6371T C
MT-T6776C T
MT-T7028C C
MT-T8200C T
MT-G8697A G
MT-G9477A G
MT-G10310A G
MT-A10550G A
MT-C10873T T
MT-C11332T C
MT-A11947G A
MT-A12308G A
MT-A12612G A
MT-T14318C T
MT-T14766C C
MT-T14783C T
MT-C14872T C

A little bit tricky to interpret.  We have got more information on our own personal web page so when I have a bit more time I will study it and see what I can find.  The trouble is it is written by geneticists for geneticists so on a quick glance the only thing I established was that I had blood group B and blue eyes.  I was pretty confident on that knowledge anyway.
So hopefully next week I will get a bit more time to study it and if I still can't understand it I will trap a friendly scientists to explain it!  


Richard Bartle said...

Can you send that to a genealogical database and find out anything about your ancestors?


Boo and Trev said...

We got an email yesterday saying that they are going to improve the database in the New Year - so hopefully it may all become clear

Helen said...

All it tells me is that we are alphabet soup