Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Cake

It is that time of year.  For the past million (well maybe a bit less but a lot) my parents (and in the last 3 my dad) have provided the Christmas cake, latterly shop bought, which is fine.  Having a bit of extra time before Christmas (should be cooking leave not gardening!) I decided to try out the Delia cake kit from Waitrose.  So far so good.  Here it is cooling down:

Next I get to feed it (with alcohol, tee hee) and then it is the icing question.  I never liked icing, and really dislike marzipan, but if not covered then it will dry out more quickly.  So all you cake makers (well Helen at least!) let's have the advice.  :0)


Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome compensation

Aha, les welcome cottages etait donnez £100 pour le goodwill a nous.  Une bon result nest pas?  Vive les vacances! 

Trendy tango

Carl found this on YouTube and loves it. Shows how much I've sucked him into the Strictly world, he said 'Check out these Argentine Tango moves set to hip hop music'. No thinking it was just ordinary tango moves for him :)

Click here to view.

Love Kate xxxx

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Turning corners in the UK

Is it just me, or do driving lessons now instruct people to turn every corner as if the were driving a bus or articulated lorry?  It used to be OK to approach a roundabout and assess whether someone entering was going to carry on or turn off from their positioning, even if no indicators were operating (shock).  Nowadays, an enormous number of people start to turn in the opposite direction to that required, so their imaginary bus won't mount invisible obstacles. 

What the what! (copyright Tina Fey) There is a one way street in Saffron Walden, at the end of which two cars can fit comfortably, one going right, the other left.  Sadly drivers of tanks and small hatchbacks all feel the need to swing the wrong way, so a simple turn is now a challenge to keep paintwork unscraped.  No wonder the Lib dems don't know which way is right.................

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Provence Pictures

Just a few:

A Borie

Even the French dogs have style

You don't want to stay here!

It's himself (Maquis de Sade)

Mont Ventoux- it was everywhere

Very windy Pont d'Avignon - sur it!

View from Lacoste - the Maqu's pad

Un week a Provence

Bonjour, Nous sommes back en Angleterre apres a week a Provence. Nous were tres concerned about le striking and le problems de transport. But bon news, Les Hertz providez une voiture avec le tank plein. Je recommende hotel "Mas Entremont", prez de Aix-en-Provence. Pas cheap mais tres comfortable et manger magnifique. Notre villa a Joucas etait OK, but needed encore d'illumination et heating pour les froid nuits. Aussi there was the travaux de maison - floor laying commencement a 8.15am! Nous have complained. La femme de le patron gave us a bouteille de vin Rose by way of apology (il est a crap bouteille), mais Je demande £100 from le Welcome cottages. We'll voix how that faits.

Provence etait magnifique, les temps etait bon tous les jours except on notre anniversaire (30th), quand le Mistral popped up. Nous nearly etait blown off le pont d'Avignon. Nous regardons quelque gorges, et experienced le Musee de Lavendre. Apparently only real Lavender existe sur les montagne depuis 800 et 1100 metres. Le rest is Lavendin, une clone - bad luck Norfolk.

Je recommende Provence, mais pas le villa a Joucas until les travaux est terminee. Le pictures will follow.