Sunday, September 30, 2007

Check out the website

Hi everyone - this is a link to the entry about Brian on the spnm website
This is making it feel very real! Also he has his picture in the magazine this month too! He is going to London at the end of october to have a sort of meeting of all the new shortlisted composers which is both exciting and scary.

We are off to Poland in march with the Choir - (did my email reach you Jo? We would really really appreciate it if anyone has any folk songs we could use - we do have a Polish student to teach us pronounciation) which is exciting too, though perhaps chillier.

Nic is back from the USA having had a wonderful time and with a pressing need to find work to earn money - good thing say I.

I have downloaded a web authoring package and had my first play with it this afternoon. If it all works *(very big if that) you will be able to look at Brian's own website. As a daughter and a niece are professional marketing managers I feel a bit on thin ice here, doing the marketing thing with Brian, however everyone has to learn something new and start somewhere. We are not being ambitious with this website though - simple and elegant is what we're aiming for.
(my aim has never been very good either) I hope everyone is well and happy
love Helen

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Joanne in BCN

While I am nervous of pushing HP off the top of the list here, I thought I would toss up this photo of Joanne and the girls in Barcelona today, she was here for five or so hours, of which we could see her for about is a pain sometimes...

We met, we ate paella and ice cream, we ran for the bus, and we parted.

Short and sweet, but a little too short.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Book 7

I've been waiting around, oh so politely, for a while for someone to pick up and talk about #7...that's enough of that now, since you all waited for me to read it, I'll start.

First of all, it was brilliant. I loved it and it was fantastic. Not as dark or scary as some of them, and I think she has managed to keep Harry aging appropriately.

I had two concerns toward the end of the book. These were the fact that Harry, Ron and Hermione never killed anyone, portraying them as good guys, unsullied and in direct opposition to Voldemort. That said, obviously Harry kills off the big V, but that was indispensable. Their friends however, also good guys are left with all the dirty work of off-ing folks left right and center, while the central trio at worst go for a crucio curse. I couldn't quite hold those two images.

The second problem that I had was in the King's Cross station scene at the end when D and Harry are chatting. The flapping 'flayed' baby in the background that they are unmoved by and inured too I could not get past. It goes without saying that it is an image of the underdeveloped soul/inner being/nature of V, but the fact that these two could be so disinterested, especially when the image was specifically a flayed child I could not go beyond. I was abruptly and fatally unable to suspend my disbelief at this stage, and it just didn't work for me. The word flayed alone is probably what did me in. The thought that those two could just walk past a child in that condition, however dream like was untenable.

Those were my only beefs with the book, I was sorry my problems with it came towards the end because they stand more strongly in my mind than if they had occurred earlier, but that was a great series. What is she going to do next?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Just some general things as lots of stuff seems to be happening at the moment:

1) Finally received some birthday greetings from my errant sister - all is forgiven :)
2) Carl and I are getting a new kitchen next week, courtesy of dad, veeerrrrry excited about it.
3) Carl whisked me away to Paris for my birthday which was absolutely fabulous but I've lost the lead that connects my camera to my laptop so can't upload the phots :(
4) I tried oysters for the first time in Paris. Have discovered I don't like them and they didn't like me either...
4) My new job (I still call it that although I've been there a year now) is going really well and I've just been told I'm getting a payrise - yay!
5) Is anyone else watching Heroes? I think it's aboslutely brilliant.
6) Are we nominating another book for everyone to read? I was late finishing the last one but would love some recommendations for books as I'm still mourning post-Harry-book-7.

Hope everyone's well
Love Kate xxxx

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Nicky goes sailing!!!

The arrival of Nicky and her home girls, along with a, well, a guy. Chaperoned carefully by her Uncle....

On the ferry....

On the boat....they had lovely short skirts on a windy day.

They were a ton of fun, and we had a lovely time, though I hear a rumour that book 7 may be headed my way, although it seemed to have been forgotten.

Ah well.

They were lovely fun, they are headed off to the shoe museum, and possibly the Art Gallery, there is a show on of photographic weaving, and one of Nicky's friends is in textile design school specialising in weaving so interest is high.

They are all off to Niagara Falls tomorrow, another boat ride, this time the Maid of the Mist. An apparently obligatory trip on a voyage to Canada.