Saturday, November 10, 2012

Autumnal walk

Here is my monthly entry into the blog. Once again I seem to be including the Olympics into it!I am almost over my obsession, honestly We, together with Jill are making an effort to do the Lee Valley walk. We already did a bit of it earlier in the year from Tottenham Hale to the Olympic park. We have realised that a lot of it is parallel to the railway line so we can do a lot of linear walks. Today, however, we did a circular walk from Cheshunt which took in the Lee Valley White water centre know to the world as the venue for the white water canoeing during the Olympics. It is now open to the public. I think to actually canoe you have to be experienced but they do white water rafting down it.
White water rafting
Man overboard
It was a great spectator sport! Especially when somebody got tipped out. There was nobody drownded to quote Stanley Holloway, you will be pleased to know There was a lot of shouting and he was fished out by the many helpers standing nearby.It was actually almost as entertaining as the Olympics themselves. There are still little bits of Olympic paraphernalia about but I gather it all has to go by next January.
Salmon impersonators
Little bit of Olympic memorabilia
We went on to Waltham Abbey. This is the sort of town that has excellent bone structure but has let itself go a bit. We walked around the Abbey grounds and saw where King Harold (of 1066 and all that) is buried.
Jill and Trev leaning on Harold's grave
After that we went back along the other side of the valley admiring the lovely autumn colours.
Swan admiring the autumn colours

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