Saturday, July 24, 2010

New job

So, big news, I have a new job! Has all happened a bit quickly, but basically another company in the e-learning industry have pretty much tapped me up and made me an offer I couldn't refuse to go and head up their marketing. It's a bit out of the blue but I have been a bit bored where I was for a while now. Yesterday I handed my notice in, after going out until 3am for our company 'do' the night before. I could've picked a better time than when I felt knackered, hungover and nauseous to be honest! However, they were really good about it despite the fact I'm going to a company which is a competitor.

They're not hanging around though and the job ad for my existing job is going up on Monday morning which is a horrible feeling. Someone else is going to come in and be me! But the opportunity I've got is a great one - I'll be looking after all the marketing for a much bigger company and the package is also really good. I'll be nominally based in London but only have to be physically in the office 2 - 3 days a week. So I'm going to turn into a train commuter and will have to become a lot more punctual so I actually get to the train station on time in the mornings! The company is called Redtray if you want to check them out, although their website is quite rubbish and that's one of the first things I'll be sorting out :)

After the hangover recovery and the adrenalin rush of actually resigning, I came home completely exhausted and was in bed by 8.30pm. Not much of a celebration! But I'm very happy with my decision. Slightly terrified, but excited too!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am attempting to do housework but it is very hot and I keep flopping. See I have flopped infront of the computer and started thinking about the olympics. Only 2 years time and within 30 miles of where I am typing now. Here's my plan. We should all go and see something. I pretty much don't mind what I see (except boxing). We could all go and see something horsey! Most of that stuff is Greenwich Park. We could stay at my house and catch the train and DLR. Brilliant. Or even nearer is the kayaking which I believe is all happening on the River Lee which is even nearer than London. You can register an interest now and when the tickets are available we can all try and go to the same event.
OK better go and do something more productive now.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Barbeque and show

Here are pictures of the barbeque at Kate and Carl's house, and a few of the horse show.

Nic and Five-A-Side both looking very smart and me being the groom.

It was fun.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Forgotten ......

Nic is going to Ibiza on holiday tomorrow. Yesterday she went off to Essex to stay with Sally, the friend she is going on holiday with. She spent yesterday sorting things out, packing , doing all sorts of things that she should have done earlier and hadn't (nothing new there!)

However I got home from work, and other than a note asking me to take her car to get its MOT all seemed fine.

Then I got a phone call from our intrepid traveller. Bear in mind she spent 2 summers travelling round the USA, 6 months in Denmark and other holidays, so travelling is not a new experience.

"Mum, I forgot my passport"

Stunned silence at my end of the phone.

"You what?" I finally managed (eloquent eh?)

She had packed everything except her passport! I checked it was where she thought it was (it was).

They are flying early on Wednesday morning so there was no time to post it, even 24 hour guaranteed post. We hang up the phone and they contact Sally's mum to find out the name of a courier company.

The phone goes again. How far from Benfleet to Llantwit (214 miles) which at 90p per mile was extremely expensive. Sally doesn't have the internet in her new flat, so I looked up the trains. A return from was £2 cheaper than a single (!) but was only £66. So she could get to Cardiff and back, but could we get the passport to Cardiff?

Adam was working. I had meetings all day. Nic phoned Mike who could manage it.

So Adam took the passport to drop it throught the letterbox of Mike's office on his way to work this morning. Mike then took the passport to Cardiff station for 1.30, handed it over. Nic then got onto the 2.25 train back.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Warm summer BBQ

Well this summer is turning out to be a bit of a barbecue summer. Hose pipe bans in Cumbria - all manner of craziness. Anyway, most of us are sure it will change sooner or later and are making the most of this sunny spell. This weekend the McNabbs, Grahams, Martins and Stocks got together at Kate and Carl's new house near Reading where we ate and drank and talked. A really lovely day. We had originally been toying with the idea of of meeting in Stratford and taking in a play, but the only day that was mutually suitable had a rubbish production on so Kate and Carl were volunteered. They do live conveniently in the middle and have a large garden and plenty of parking. It was very kind and we are all grateful.

Most of us stayed the night which was very cosy but fine. Nic had even bought her horse down for a show on the Sunday. He stayed in livery however so we didn't get to see him. Unfortunately, our hosts had to sleep in a tent which we didn't get round to erecting until we were all a little tipsy. Basically Helen was the foreman, she had one or two useful helpers and the rest of watched, making helpful suggestions. I don't think any of us have got Ray Mears worried that we could take over his job. I am not a keen camper and know nothing about erecting tents, Erin said that she usually makes a rubbish attempt at work like this till a man does it for her. Trev and Brian were blowing up air beds but that seemed to involve watching the electric pump work, whilst having a glass of wine. Kate, Alice and Nic were quite helpful I think, or at least looked like they were. Carl and Kate were having a bit of a marital which you can hear below! Good times! Here are videos. You can also see more pictures here but you will see a few other Martin summer events too.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

an amusing entry

I thought the dog lovers amongst us might enjoy this link

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Last night Trev and I went to see Quartet in Cambridge - very enjoyable it was too. I would recommend it if it comes to a theatre near you or it is made into a film (apparently Dustin Hoffman has bought the rights). Now there are two things you may or may not know about Trevor. The first is that if we are out for the day and eating in a pub or restaurant he likes to eat at noon on the dot or he will begin to panic. The second is that he treats where we sit in a theatre or cinema with the strategic acumen of Julius Caesar. So we thought we had picked perfect seats. Third row up in the Circle. Then Trevor said"These are supreme seats" No sooner had he said this than a couple sat in front of us. The man was in front of me and he had the biggest head I have ever seen. Seriously, he was like a freak of nature. He was like a Wii Mii. If you have ever seen one. Unfortunaely, this was a very static play and the action was all taking place where his big fat bonce was blocking my view. What's more his girlfriend couldn't sit still either. Clearly she had got used to shifting constantly around so she could get a bit of light eclipsed by the bloke's giant noggin!. So we spent the first act craning our necks to see some of the play. Luckily, the theatre was not full so we could remove ourselves to different seats in the interval where we had an excellent view.