Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

As I haven't posted anything on here for ages I thought I would start the new year off with an effort.

2012 provided quite a lot of variety.

Dogs - we had 3 extra over the year.

Minnie and Jeeves were trainee guide dogs, both yellow lab/retriever crosses, and are now both working as guide dogs, one in St Davids and one in Llanelli.  It was very rewarding to be part of their training and I felt quite proud when they went off to take up their jobs.

Fudge is a Jack Russell with (probably) corgi in there, who has been visiting over Christmas.  He is a very good natured and affectionate little dog who goes home at the end of this week and we will miss him when he goes.

All three moulted like blazes and had I realised when I bought the dark rug in the tv room that I was going to have 3 pale coated dogs moulting on it I would have bought a beige one!

We probably won't get more guide dogs because the local trainers have moved to New Zealand!


We had a great short break with Chris and Xavier in the spring, and that was the sunniest period we had all year.  We had another short break in Pennal (it rained most of the time) and a few months later saw the whole area under water with serious flooding.  Boo, Trev, Brian and I had 2 weeks walking along Hadrian's wall (it rained) and while we were there the A1 was closed because of flooding and Morpeth also flooded.  Christmas holidays were lovely (it rained) and the office flooded.  I am spotting a certain trend here which is a bit alarming.  Maybe Peggy's rainmaking genius is transferring itself down a generation. (I really really hope not!)


Brian had a piece workshopped by the BBC Orchestra of Wales in the Welsh Composers's forum in February though sadly it wasn't performed because it is too long.  However he got an email from the BBC to say they have accepted another piece for the Composer's forum coming up in March which is excellent and exciting news.  Parma - the recording company - have got the recording of Shadows of Memory and are discussing with Brian what else to put onto the cd.  It should be out in 2013 sometime.


Was fairly uneventful until the last week when the office flooded.  We are currently ensconced in the Basement workroom in Barry library and how long we will be there is anyone's guess.  We won't be going back to our old office because this is the 3rd time we have been flooded out, so where we will end up we have no idea.  It is a bit gloomy as there isn't much natural light, and it is very cosy! We have squashed the 3 desks in, but......

I hope everyone has a wonderful year

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