Sunday, September 24, 2006


I'm glad to report that the concert for Brian's piece went really well although the venue (it was in the Taliesin theatre in Swansea) was a very dead acoustic. The choir are stunnningly good - their other concert in the Vale of Glamorgan festival was recorded for Radio 3, and I think they really liked Brian's piece. The conductor asked him if he had any more choral works which he hasn't at the moment (at least not suitable for a professional choir) which i think means they really did like it and weren't just being polite. We have a recording of it too which the tech guy at the taliesin made so that is wonderful.

Nic is back home from 3 months in America, having spent 2 months doing Camp America and 1 month travelling she has gone back to college to finish her degree (I hope).

Brian bought a glass and aluminium sculpture while we were down at the cottage in the summer which i will attempt to include here (a pic of it that is) along with a few photos to show how wonderful the garden is now looking. It was 5 foot high nettles till a couple of years ago, so i think we can be justly proud of having somewhere to sit which is really very civilised now. Luckily most things seem to grow alright - we aren't the world's most informed gardeners!!

love Helen