Friday, June 22, 2012

Busy Holiday

 We decided to build a wind break in my back garden, because it does get a lot of sea breezes.  In summers when we have sunshine I go out to sit in the garden, and then retreat indoors because it is sunny, but the wind makes it cold.  Hence the need for a wind break.  We started on the Saturday of my  holiday but unfortunately it was a bit wet.  Not as wet as promised but still wet.  Here is Brian on the frame of the new decking.  Below is the electric saw sheltering under the sun umbrella which worked very well as a rain umbrella and kept the saw and the extension lead nice and dry.  Unlike me and Brian.
 However Sunday and Monday were fine, so we did get it finished and here we are on Monday evening sitting out.  It wasn't actually windy but, had it been, I'm sure we would have been nice and snug.  It uses a pretty useless corner of the garden too, so makes more sense all round.  We have also bought what Ikea call a sail but is really an awning which you can attach and detach to use as a roof.  That has yet to be fitted.
 In return for Brian's labours over the wind break I have made new curtains for the cottage downstairs. The old ones were lovely but getting tatty. The photo doesn't do them justice as they look nicer than that really (she said with due modesty)  The lining is purple and there is a light clear voile with gold and white stripes on top which does look quite classy.
 Having finished our labours we grabbed the not wet afternoon today and went off to a garden near the Preseli mountains.  Here is Brian sitting in a little bower.  There were lots of benches and a very nice summer house to sit in to admire the garden
This is a baby wren we saw in the garden.  It was doing a good job of looking like the path so we ignored it and hope the parents went back to it.  Fingers crossed.

Back to work next week, but only 2 weeks in work and then I get another 2 weeks off.  There are some advantages to leaving holidays to the end of the year.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


I work at a shiny high Tech place and I sometime feel as if I am in the film Logan's Run but have somehow managed to dodge the bullet and make it to my 50s. Most of the people are under 35. Most of the people are also extremely clever. I am one of the stupider people and I have post graduate qualifications. Because they are young and clever it has been occuring me that a good means of selling the library services would be through Twitter. However, when I set up an account for home use a couple of years ago it seemed to be just people talking about what they had eaten for dinner. And so much of it! It was anarchy! But I am aware that many people are finding out work related things very quickly through Twitter. I knew I had to get to grips with it. Then I was talking to one of the young PR people who was grateful to me for going above and beyond with some bibliometric work I did for her (don't ask). She asked if I was on Twitter and when I replied no, that I needed to get to grips with it she announced that she would give me a Twitter lesson! Huzzah! I will become part of the Twitterati and have some chance of keeping up with the bright young things!