Sunday, January 25, 2009

Accommodation continued

I daresay most people are sorted but here are a few more suggestions. Can I just say I am amazed that nobody corrected my spelling of accommodation in the previous blog (now corrected)
OK for those on a tight budget there is something called Cityroomz opposite the station in Cambridge. It is very basic but very convenient.
There is another b & B in Ickleton. Shepherds Cottage
You can also look at the district council site for other places.
Also there is a youth hostel in Saffron Walden which offers pretty good value.
The Crown House in Great Chesterford is now fully booked as there is another wedding.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Doctor says not to exercise

It is official. I should not be doing exercises at the moment. I started off my new year resolutions by getting up and doing half an hour every weekday morning when I went back to work on 5 Jan, and was getting on well till the Friday, when I got a pain in my neck and shoulder which got worse on Sunday and Monday, so I went to the doctor on Wednesday. Also, at the beginning of December I tripped and fell, landing on my left knee and it was very sore to touch (not surprisingly) and I couldn't kneel on it or rub it hard with a towel etc. However it seemed to be improving until the week of exercise when, on the Sunday night, it started to feel more sore as well.

Basically I have pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder and aggravated my sore knee, so she told me not to to any more of the dvds until everything was back to normal. So now I can lie in bed and only do my usual 10 minutes of back exercises with a completely clear conscience because I am under medical orders!!! So I don't even really feel that I am breaking my new year resolution either.

Both knee and shoulder were on the left side, so I felt fine on one side and a wreck on the other - bizarre really. However I can recommend the heat pads you get in the supermarket that stick to your clothes and say they last 12 hours. They reallydo, and they really help. I love them to bits!!

love Helen

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


This is linked to an email and it is basically a list of places to stay in the Chesterford area.
In Great Chesterford itself there is the Crown House Hotel. This is opposite the church and a 5 minute walk from the reception. I don't know people who have stayed in it and it gets fairly mixed reviews on the web but it is convenient.
The next village along is Hinxton. And you can stay in the accommodation block at my work!!! There is accommodation in Hinxton Hall which I believe is quite nice as well as the accommodation block which is fairly basic. It is reasonably priced but the lady I spoke to at work today said it does get booked up early. It would appear that I don't get staff discount.You can also book this through agencies if you google hotels in Saffron Walden.
Also in Hinxton there is the Red Lion. It is a very nice pub but it has only just started doing rooms so I have had no feed back from anyone about what they are like. They are charging £75 a single and £95 a double. So not particularly cheap.
This takes us to Saffron Walden which I always find a bit disappointing for hotel rooms. The best bets are the Saffron Hotel and Archways Guest House. Which are Ok. If you are staying there then let me know andwe can arrange transport.
There are some nice b and bss around if you want to drive. People at work recommended New Inn House at Ickleton (yes, that really is the name of a village, not baby talk) the Watermill at Hildersham or Newdegate House in Wimbish (yes that too is the name of a village not an ailement).
Finally, you might find somewhere else just by googling and it might be perfectly nice. Also Great Chesterford is on the main line between Liverpool St and Cambridge. London has endless possibilities and Cambridge is not short of the odd hotel. There is the most hideous Travel Lodge about a 10 minute walk from the station in Cambridge. I like to think of it as a little bit of Harlow in the beautiful City of Cambridge. OK I'm being a snob but that photo makes it look good!
Oh yes, there is a camp site in Great Chesterford too. My freind Jill will be staying there when we are not abusing our friendship by using her camper van to transport things.

Resolutions and all that

So as usual my new year's resolutions include the perennial favourites of getting fitter and losing more weight and I read a great article about failing a bit better each year which I thought was a more positive way of looking at things if you try but don't necessary reach your goal:

But to that end I have set myself a goal which is to run a half marathon and I've just entered the ballot for the 2009 Great North Run - eek! The draw is done next week so I won't find out until the week after whether I've got a place or not. But even if I don't get a place I will enter another half marathon and I shall be raising money for Cancer Research UK. I'll keep you posted on whether or not I get a place....

My other resolutions, if you're interested, are:
1) Run a half marathon
2) Lose a dress size (hopefully resolution 1 aids the progress of resolution 2)
3) Go somewhere hot on holiday (got to have a nice one in there!)
4) Read more classic books that I should have read by now and not always just re-read Harry Potter and Jilly Cooper whenever I reach a reading impasse
5) Start a pension (if after some research I find out that's actually worth doing anymore)

Anybody else got anything they want to achieve in 2009?
Love Kate xxxx

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The best things come to those who wait... after 11 and a half years, Carl is making an honest woman out of me - on New Year's Day he proposed and of course I said yes :) I'm absolutely thrilled! And just in case you fear your eyes might be deceiving you after all this time, here's a pic of my lovely ring!

Not sure about actual wedding plans yet, initial thoughts are we might try and do something at the end of this year but will obviously keep everybody posted. Plans to make Saffy a ring bearer or bridesmaid (I've had friends ask me whether she'll be both) remain unsubstantiated at present....

Oh and happy new year to you all, hope you enjoyed the festive period and I hope for all your sakes you didn't eat and drink as much as me!
Love Kate xxxx