Friday, October 24, 2008

For this relief much thanks!

There is a film, I think a Carry On film or a Road to film, involving the Foreign Legion. There is a scene in it where our hero and his side kick are crawling through the desert dying of thirst, they manage to get over a sand dune to find a refreshment booth. Imagine their joy! But then they realise that it is a mirage and crawl away. The camera then pans to the refreshment booth and one of the owners is saying to the other " I told you this was a stupid place to open up this business!"

Anyway, last week we went on holiday to Cornwall. Very nice it was too. There was much eating and drinking and walking and sight seeing. One day we decide to go for a walk in Tintagel. The walk book said it was 2 miles, which is no great stretch even for East Anglians, like us, coping with hills and cliffs. However we thought we should probably have some coffee and cake in the village of Tintagel before we walked along the cliffs to the castle. Little did we realise that the village of Tintagel is an ARMPIT! But not only that, an armpit that was shut for winter. No joy at the Pendragon Tea rooms or the Camelot coffee shop. We managed to get a coffee at the King Arthur Inn but nothing to eat. Still we thought we would be OK and we could go on for lunch at the much more attractive Boscastle nearby.

What we hadn't realised was the two miles didn't include a visit to the island where the castle remains were. And they are AMAZING

So we paid our money and had a good explore. The island is quite hilly. There were many steps and many amazing views and it took us a good hour to cover it all. At the end of which we were starving and we still had the rest of the walk to do before sustenance.
But lo! As we left the castle there was and English Heritage tea room. And we almost didn't go in because I was convinced it would be shut. However it wasn't a mirage and we had the best of bacon butties. Then just to ensure it wasn't a mirage we had cakes and tea. Lovely!
Refreshed we continued the walk - a little more walking to build up an appetite for tea in Boscastle.
I love holidays and I love a walk that starts with a coffee shop, has a pub lunch in the middle and finishes with a crea tea.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Firebird

We went to see the ballet at the Millenium Centre last night. 3 short Stravinsky ballets - Petruchka, Fairy's Kiss and Firebird. Saw the first 2 and then sat down for the third, the orchestra began playing, curtain stayed down, and then someone came on stage to say there had been "an incident" and we all had to leave. We all filed out and eventually some fire engines turned up and I gave up and went home (it was 10.15 by then).

However - had the Firebird set the stage alight?
Or (and this will only make sense to those who watch Torchwood, so everyone else can stop reading now) - was the "incident" something to do with the rift and Torchwood? Perhaps a real firebird from another planet come through!!! Who can tell? It does make life more exciting going to the theatre on top of an interdimensional time rift.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Well with all this economic doom and gloom I thought you might all enjoy this website.
I saw it on a TV show. It's called cats that look like Hitler

Really what isn't amusing about that!