Saturday, July 30, 2011

Working in the big city

When I started my job in one of many central London open plan office buildings, I didn't expect much of the location. Regent's place is on the north side of Euston Road, opposite Warren street tube and next to Euston Tower, a 32 storey 60's behomoth. However, the Regent's place landlords are very keen to promote the area and since March I have observed the following:
- a weekly international food market (Caribean, South American, African, French, Spanish and more)
- shooting of a Jude Law and Anthony Hopkins film, involving converting several shop fronts to a street in Berlin
- an Anthony Gormley pair
- some art for school trips (I think)
- dog team display
- horse riding demonstrations
- formation dancing
- numerous singers and jazz and folk bands
- a display of supercars and a large Scalextric track
- Segway demonstrations

All of the above tend to be on through lunch and early afternoon, all free except for food of course. All in all a remarkable place to work near. Here are a few pictures from the wonder of Blackberry so don't expect too much.

Jude Law is in the group centre of picture but far away

Turning London into Berlin

This location was used for the entry of one of the Apprentice contestants 

Dogs jumping through fire

How to ride a segway

Art for young people

More art for young people

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

London's biggest carpark

This weekend we went to visit  Kieran and Alice in Southampton.  We had  arranged this a while ago forgetting that it was the first weekend of the school holidays and the M25 grinds to a halt!  Bad move!  The journey which normally takes 2.5 to 3 hours took from 9.50 to 5.00!!  However, I should qualify this.  As it happens we had K and A in the car with us as Kieran had been at a conference in Cambridge and Alice visiting her parents so at least we had the pleasure of their company all be it in a traffic jam.  Also having progressed very slowly we stopped at the beautiful Cliveden House for a picnic lunch on route.  Where we had a walk, admired the views and got lost in the maze.  So actually it wasn't all bad at all and at one stage in the traffic jam when I saw the children in the back seat of the car infront walloping each other I remembered that it could have been so much worse.
Here are a few pictures of the weekend.
Mostly Cliveden but also Southampton. Including a horsedrawn carriage that was driving down the main road in Southampton
Rather over the top bell tower

Doubling as Versaille

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hopes are High in Southampton

Now, we at Southampton City College Learning Centre are a hard working bunch. Recently we had the college-wide staff conference, for which we prepared a 'pop video'. Different departments created their own presentations, but we won top prize for our efforts. I felt it was worth sharing, it took a lot of work and although I am sick of the song, I couldn't resist giving you all a laugh! This is Southampton City College Learning Centre 'singing' High Hopes. To make it work click on the link above the media player and download the file. It's like this because of college security. Enjoy!