Friday, February 03, 2012

Not performed on the night

Brian's piece wasn't performed in the concert last night, which I was very miffed about - especially as they just said 'it's too long'.  However in a spirit  of fairness I think they actually meant that they didn't have enough rehearsal time to do it properly and perform it that night, which is a more valid excuse. 

Brian did get to hear it though.  They worked through all 6 pieces chosed for the workshop and did record them so we have a recording of the second run through, which is far from perfect but still nice to have.

He was very happy with it.  It has done what he wanted it to do, and sounds really good, even in the not fully rehearsed version we have.  There were lots of people  in the Wales music world there and he got lots and lots of positive comments about the piece which is all really encouraging.  The conductor, Jac van Steen, is back in my good books now because he has told B to keep in touch and will see if he can find a European orchestra which might be interested.

It has definitely raised his profile locally and let people know the quality of his work, which they didn't before and that is important and could be something really solid to build on.

The other thing - and I can't remember if I mentioned this before is that there is an American company called Parma recordings who are going to record the same piece in a cd with other composer's works.  The recording is being done in St Petersburg so B isn't going over there, but will be Skyping into the rehearsals.  He does have to pay towards it, but although not cheap, you couldn't get the quality of the cd and the marketing etc doing anything yourself so he has decided it is a worthwhile investment (not financially but in all other respects).  So when that is available it is sold through Naxos and we can look him up on Amazon!

How exciting will that be??


oreneta said...

I'll buy one as sooooon as they're out.....HOW exciting is that, though still a shame about it not being performed.

Boo and Trev said...

This is all very exciting!