Monday, February 20, 2012

Lovely weekend

This weekend we went to Stratford to the theatre and then on to Helen's for Saturday and Sunday.  Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. 
What prompted all this was some complimentary tickets we had to anything at the Theatre Royal in the winter season.  So we chose The Taming of the Shrew.  I realised that I had never seen it but I was prejudiced against it.  However, I thought maybe I was being harsh but actually I wasn't.  It is a problematic play where the shrew is tamed by mentally abusive behaviour.  However it was very well done and a great cast and very funny until the final humiliation of Kate. 
Anyway as we were half way across the country we decided to to go to on to South Wales where we had a lovely social time and were enthused enough about Stratford that we have bought tickets for a Comedy of Errors in the summer.  Helen and Brian are coming too.

The only trouble with a lovely weekend away is that work is a bit meh on a Monday morning.  However there was an email about an article in the Cambridge News.  It was covering an article we had  published about cancer in tasmanian devils.  Very amusingly the online article had mistitled the captions.  So under the picture of the devil was Professor Mike Stratton and under our director it said Tasmanian devil.  Excellent!  Started the day with a real giggle.  Unfortunately our publicity rang up the paper and had it corrected, what a party pooper!

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