Saturday, January 28, 2012

Candid camera

Walton beach

Folly at Wimpole Hall.  This was built so people could admire it from the house

Hill climbing in Cambridgeshire

Tea on the pier

This winter has been surprisingly mild.  Jolly good too, if you ask me.  So Trev and I have been making the most of it and going for interesting walks at the weekend.  Trev longs to take “a moment of magic” photo.  However half the time his camera is in his back pack.  We went for a walk in Hatfield Forest recently with Jill and while we were pausing for some water a deer ran past, then two more deer ran past, then about twenty deer ran past.  Then Trev said “I’m getting my camera out!”.  Needless to say that was the end of any native wild life for that day.
So today Trev had his camera out and was ready but most of our encounters with nature were aural.  We heard a woodpecker (really a little early in the year for that sort of thing) then we heard a tawny owl.   He took a few photos but when I went to take a photo of him the batteries had died.  Hey ho!  It’ll happen one day.
Here are some pictures of our walks, including some of our walk with Mike and Linda at Walton on the Naze.  It has a very pretty nature reserve near it but is rather a “kiss me quick” kind of a resort which hasn’t moved on from the 1950s.  We ended the walk with tea on the pier and were impressed with Linda’s optimism in asking for green tea.  She got a cup of hot water with the teabag on the side.


Helen said...

That is always the way with taking wildlife pictures - I've dashed to get the camera to take good pics of the birdtable and the darn birds have moved by the time I get there.

I can really believe wildlife photographers spend days getting that magic shot

oreneta said...

That was lovely to get a chance to see you all! Looks like a lovely bit of walking.