Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Forgotten ......

Nic is going to Ibiza on holiday tomorrow. Yesterday she went off to Essex to stay with Sally, the friend she is going on holiday with. She spent yesterday sorting things out, packing , doing all sorts of things that she should have done earlier and hadn't (nothing new there!)

However I got home from work, and other than a note asking me to take her car to get its MOT all seemed fine.

Then I got a phone call from our intrepid traveller. Bear in mind she spent 2 summers travelling round the USA, 6 months in Denmark and other holidays, so travelling is not a new experience.

"Mum, I forgot my passport"

Stunned silence at my end of the phone.

"You what?" I finally managed (eloquent eh?)

She had packed everything except her passport! I checked it was where she thought it was (it was).

They are flying early on Wednesday morning so there was no time to post it, even 24 hour guaranteed post. We hang up the phone and they contact Sally's mum to find out the name of a courier company.

The phone goes again. How far from Benfleet to Llantwit (214 miles) which at 90p per mile was extremely expensive. Sally doesn't have the internet in her new flat, so I looked up the trains. A return from was £2 cheaper than a single (!) but was only £66. So she could get to Cardiff and back, but could we get the passport to Cardiff?

Adam was working. I had meetings all day. Nic phoned Mike who could manage it.

So Adam took the passport to drop it throught the letterbox of Mike's office on his way to work this morning. Mike then took the passport to Cardiff station for 1.30, handed it over. Nic then got onto the 2.25 train back.



oreneta said...

I thought you were very polite when you described all of that. Really quite amazingly polite. What a lucky offspring you have!

Boo and Trev said...

Tha is hilarious! Maybe Carl was right to be worried about her in San Antonio!

Hilarious Catastrophes said...

Wow, that took dedication... Well done! Hilarious! xxx