Sunday, July 11, 2010

Warm summer BBQ

Well this summer is turning out to be a bit of a barbecue summer. Hose pipe bans in Cumbria - all manner of craziness. Anyway, most of us are sure it will change sooner or later and are making the most of this sunny spell. This weekend the McNabbs, Grahams, Martins and Stocks got together at Kate and Carl's new house near Reading where we ate and drank and talked. A really lovely day. We had originally been toying with the idea of of meeting in Stratford and taking in a play, but the only day that was mutually suitable had a rubbish production on so Kate and Carl were volunteered. They do live conveniently in the middle and have a large garden and plenty of parking. It was very kind and we are all grateful.

Most of us stayed the night which was very cosy but fine. Nic had even bought her horse down for a show on the Sunday. He stayed in livery however so we didn't get to see him. Unfortunately, our hosts had to sleep in a tent which we didn't get round to erecting until we were all a little tipsy. Basically Helen was the foreman, she had one or two useful helpers and the rest of watched, making helpful suggestions. I don't think any of us have got Ray Mears worried that we could take over his job. I am not a keen camper and know nothing about erecting tents, Erin said that she usually makes a rubbish attempt at work like this till a man does it for her. Trev and Brian were blowing up air beds but that seemed to involve watching the electric pump work, whilst having a glass of wine. Kate, Alice and Nic were quite helpful I think, or at least looked like they were. Carl and Kate were having a bit of a marital which you can hear below! Good times! Here are videos. You can also see more pictures here but you will see a few other Martin summer events too.

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