Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am attempting to do housework but it is very hot and I keep flopping. See I have flopped infront of the computer and started thinking about the olympics. Only 2 years time and within 30 miles of where I am typing now. Here's my plan. We should all go and see something. I pretty much don't mind what I see (except boxing). We could all go and see something horsey! Most of that stuff is Greenwich Park. We could stay at my house and catch the train and DLR. Brilliant. Or even nearer is the kayaking which I believe is all happening on the River Lee which is even nearer than London. You can register an interest now and when the tickets are available we can all try and go to the same event.
OK better go and do something more productive now.


katemcnabb said...

Loving the randomness of your thought process! And we are so up for going to see anything Olympic. I always say Carl would watch tiddlywinks if was a recognised sport, such is his love of anything sport-related, so count us in for anything!


Helen said...

Nic would definitely go for the horse things, and I confess that would interest me more than track or kayacking. Something you get a good view of would be good too which sort of rules out sailing and mountain biking