Monday, May 04, 2009

A month in Spain???

A passing question

We (the Spanish/Canadian Carters) are heading to Canada for the summer. The girls and I from June, and Xavier from Aug 7th-ish till we all come back around the 6th of Sept.

We are trying to figure out what to do with the dog, and I am wondering if any dog-lovers over there would like to come and live for free outside of BCN for a month in exchange for dog-sitting.

Would anyone be interested?

We are not sure if this is the way we will go, we would like to take him over with us, but if this would be of interest to anyone, please let us know.


The Spanadians.


Kate said...

Ah man, don't tempt me - I'd jack my job in for a month in spain with your dog! Would mean I'd have to find someone to mind our dog, and find a new job when I got back but am sure such minor details could be ironed out...?!

oreneta said...

Minor minor minor details!