Sunday, May 03, 2009

A and K's romp in London

Alice and Kieran here, yesterday we headed to London to see Laura's (Alice's sister) art on display at the R.K. Burt and Co gallery. Sadly, when we arrived...It was shut! Not only that, but there were shutters over the window, so we couldn't even peek at it! Not ones to be deterred, we decided to go for a lunch at tas, where Alice attempted to get a picture of me looking natural
With mixed results... Still, the food was good, and fun was had. Next we headed to Hamley's, a world of wonder, to which Alice had never been before! Determined to cure this woeful gap in her childhood, I proceeded to lead her around the entire shop, although I had some difficulty getting her away from the teddy bear section...

Hamley's is a marvelous place, although not cheap- you can get replica wands from Harry Potter! I was quite tempted by Lord Voldemort's wand, but managed to resist (mainly because it wasn't particularly cheap!). I could also have bought the one ring from LOTR, clearly I missed a trick with the engagement ring!

Disturbingly the teddy bear section was not immune to these bizzare excesses, boasting as it did a teddy bear with diamond eyes! It was horrifying, yet strangely alluring.

Alice decided that we could not leave Hamley's without having bought something, so we decided to purchase some wind up toys to race. I chose a mouse, and alice chose a tortoise. Mine was clearly more stylish, as you can see

Sadly, the results of our race were... less than impressive, as we had failed to test our items properly in the store:

Having fully explored Hamleys, Alice, ever full of energy, decided we should go to the rather more serene St Paul's Cathedral, as her grandpa used to have offices which overlooked it.

With that explored (no photos taken inside, of course, for we were banned) briefly (we were kicked out at 6), we headed home, satisfied with a full day, even if we had failed to do what we had actually come to London for! There was one final pleasure upon arriving home, as Alice had also decided to purchase bopit! Footage of her valiantly... bopping... below.


oreneta said...

I have never seen boppit odd. Is it fun???

Love the mouse, stylish and it breakdances. The tortoise is true to form and plugs away, no?

Boo and Trev said...

I've never heard of a boppit either! Can't wait to have a go x

Helen said...

But the tortoise will always beat other things in races! I have never seen a boppit either. This is a very educational post.

Hilarious Catastrophes said...

Ah Helen, I too am a believer in the perseverance of the tortoise, far above the extravegance of a mouse with golden cheese and his cheap back-flipping tricks.

And Bopit, talk about a challenge! I've become rather obsessed. It's a wonderfully banal and stupidly pointless way to spend ones time! Tsk! xxxx

Kate said...

I can't believe that the mouse just didn't go anywhere! Rubbish - bad luck Kieran :(