Sunday, May 10, 2009

Brian on the move

Brian is getting a different house at College. As he is in a 3 bedroom house and the kids are all grown up he doesn't really need 3 rooms, so he is moving to an old cottage. However to enable them to renovate his house - which hasn't been renovated for decades and really needs it - they want him out by 1 june. This is a bit tricky as we aren't going to be here then, we are going to be in Northumberland on holiday.

Clearing the college house out was always on the cards before he retires next year as he has to reduce the amount of stuff he has in 2 houses down to 1 house, but we were expecting a bit more time to start the thinning process. However from the airing cupboard alone we have 5 bags of stuff going to the Dog's Trust for dog bedding, and 3 bags of stuff going to the `charity shop. He has already done a trip to the skip and the rubbish piles are growing.

There are some things that won't fit into the new house - a couch, bed etc, but the question is what to do with with pianos. In the cottage he has a small modern upright. In the college house he has a boudoir grand (v small grand piano). I have a very old (very out of tune) old upright which Kate is supposed to be having sometime. So what we have to do now - in the next couple of weeks - is measure the boudoir grand to see if we can fit it into the cottage. If we can then that will be moved down there and the little upright moved to the college house. The when he retires next year Kate will have to take the old upright so that the little upright can move to my house. This doesn't sound too bad, unless you have tried to move a piano. They are VERY HEAVY!!!. They are also very awkward to get round corners etc, and you can't drop them because although they are very big, they are also fairly delicate.

The other thing I find very amusing is the address. It is called North Lodge, it is in West Drive, and lots of places still call the county South Glamorgan. If Brian changes his name to East then he'd have all the points of the compass in his address.

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oreneta said...

OMG....that is a whole lot of pianos...and a whole lot of stuff your getting rid of....I always kind of like doing that though...