Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Mike has tapped some of Peggy's memories but can't remember how to blog.
Here they are:
Peggy was talking about their time as teenagers. When she was 19 and our mother was about 16, things were tight. They and their Mother (Little Granny) were living in one room over the hairdressing salon which LG operated. They all three shared it during the day, there was a kitchenette alcove of sorts and a sit up bathtub behind a curtain (a loo wasn't mentioned. LG slept in the salon downstairs and the two girls slept in this room.
The main entertainment was the Saturday night dance at the town hall at which the girls all sat in a row and the males all hovered round the entrance. Periodically one would get up the courage to go over and ask a girl for a dance. Peggy said she was quite popular as she was a good dancer, but had to persuade her suitors to have a dance with her younger sister because she was a bit of a wllflower. Peggy said it was because she was only 16.

Also our Ma went to boarding school in Morecombe Bay for a number of years.

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Helen said...

Fascinating, because the pictures make them look much more prosperous than that.