Monday, May 11, 2009

Curioser and curioser


We have just spent a weekend in York making the most of the city before Erin graduates We wined and dined and had an excellent experience. But we had many a surreal happening during our stay.
The first thing we were determined to do was have tea at Betty's which we have been meaning to do for some time. We were prepared to queue, that's how determined we were! Success and cakes and lovely tea were ours

As we were drinking our tea I pointed out two men on the street who looked as if they had been beamed up from the 1950s. One looked a bit like Trevor Howard in Brief Encounter or Inspector Gadget. The other looked like a french man in a film wearing a beret.
(OK that is a dog in a beret that I thought looked cute on Google images)
Anyway, the two of them came into Betty's too. We thought no more of it until dinner at the restaurant that evening when the Inspector Gadget one walked past us about two times. Also a team of young men with bleached blond hair also passed our restaurant several times. They were from all over the globe Asian, Afro Caribbean, Sub Continental European - but all with blond hair! Erin seemed quite calm about this explaining that they were part of the war of the roses!
On Saturday we went to Castle Howard, which is very lovely and I have always meant to go to having seen Brideshead Revisited. When we were touring the house who appeared again but Inspector Gadget and Monsieur Beret! Now it was getting a bit spooky. We determined that we would try to photograph them by one of us standing in front of something attractive but actually take a shot of them - but it was not to be. However, when we went to tea in the stable courtyard an identical pair of twins dressed exactly the same who were in their 50s appeared. Really, it was all getting rather Don't Look Now.
On the Sunday as we walked into town we came across City dignitaries processing thought the street for no apparent reason. Then after lunch we found religous people with crosses processing through the street for no apparent reason. All quite bizarre and to top it off as we left the city a brass band was playing the Monty Python theme tune.


Helen said...

Did you go to York or to an alternative reality somewhere - how peculiar. The tea and cakes in Betty's sound really good though!!

Hilarious Catastrophes said...

Awww, I miss York and it's ludicrous goings-on... Thats one of the reasin I fitted in so well there!! :o) xx

Hilarious Catastrophes said...

that bizarre word is meant to say 'reasons'... I wonder how that happened! :o)