Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Weekend

This year Radio 1 decided to hold their annual free festival (which replaced the Roadshows of yesteryear) at Lydiard Park in Swindon. Cue much excitement and me applying for tickets in the ballot they hold in order to give all the tickets away. It's all done randomly but is weighted in favour of people who live in the locality and happily we got two tickets :)

It was held last weekend and was really the ideal festival - we walked there, the weather was
lovely, we saw lots of good acts, bumped into lots of people we know who also got tickets and then got a cab home and could have a nice hot shower and sleep in our own beds. This beats the normal festival experience of returning to a wet tent rammed in with thousands of other tents too close together and having to queue for stinky portaloos at the end of the day! It was quite odd being in a field with 10,000 other people when quite frequently on a Saturday afternoon we take Saffy for a walk there and there's just the 3 of us in the same field.

The best acts we saw were The Wombats and Dizzee Rascal and really, for free, it was an excellent event and the BBC should take a lot of credit for putting it all on. Although programmes did cost £6 which we thought was quite steep.

And this was also a nice day out for Carl and I as last Monday he was sent to the Middle East for an indefinite amount of time and will sadly miss Kieran and Alice's wedding, as well as two other weddings we have to go to in the next few weeks. It was all very last minute and very disrupting so the RAF are not my favourite people at the moment needless to say :(

Here's Carl with one of the very over-priced programmes.
Me looking suitably excited before we went in :)
The main stage.
Kasabian playing the main stage who were unfortunately a bit disappointing live.
Love Kate xxxx


katemcnabb said...

Wish I could get the formatting on this thing to work!!!! :(

oreneta said...

An indefinite period of time seems a bit harsh....I assume they gave a minimum, or he could be back tomorrow. Glad the festival went well.

Boo and Trev said...

It's always nice to make the most of thing that are close to home. That said I've never been to the Cambridge Folk festival and only once gone to an Audley End concert. (Truth is I don't like standing or sitting on the ground)