Monday, February 02, 2009

Why are people so stupid?

I am watching the news in the worst snow we have had in the UK for 18 years (the Canadians wouldn't notice it but...). And 2 brothers decided to go walking up Mount Snowden. They did it in the summer and wanted to do it again. In this weather! They have died, despite all the endeavors of the rescue teams. But what were they thinking? People get stuck on Snowden and on the Brecon Beacons in the summer, and they go out in the coldest weather we have had all winter with snow forecast - it is utter madness. I know that British mountains aren't big by comparison with other countries, and that people feel we are such a small island that you are never far from civilisation, but people get lost every year on the Beacons in the summer, let alone in the winter. There is a very good reason why the SAS train in the beacons, and any mountain where you have fog, snow and wind is dangerous and not a place for the unwary. I feel very sorry for those brothers and even more sorry for their families, but the rescue teams are at risk in this weather when they go out to rescue people who are just being stupid and irresponsible. It is wrong.

There - end of rant. I hope Chris and co are basking in the sun and enjoying it while the rest of us shiver
in the cold.

Nicky is going to work with so many layers on (she is working outdoors) that she is at least a dress size bigger by the time she leaves the house. She was sitting here tonight under a duvet on the sofa with her warm hat on as well, (and the heating is on and I am not wearing a coat and hat) which is entertaining. Adam who normally just wears a t shirt all year round, had conceded that it is winter and is wearing a jumper.

It is snowing here now, though we didn't have any till this evening. Wait and see what tomorrow brings, though we aren't forecast to get much thankfully.


oreneta said...

Well, it's raining at the moment, but yes, sunny Spain is a little warmer; maybe you'll just have to come visit. And get Nicki to have a hot bath when she comes home. It warms up your bones.

Boo and Trev said...

I was most amused to find that none of the Health and Safety team made it into work because of the snow yesterday! Lucky there wasn't a huge explosion without them.

Anonymous said...

Its minus 11 with about two feet of snow on the back verandah here, just a normal winter day

Sea Dog