Sunday, February 01, 2009


Last night we went to a Ceilidh. We decided it was a good idea as that will be the evening entertainment at Kieran and Alice's wedding and we are also going to a 60th birthday party which will be a ceilidh. We went with Alice's parents and Sue and John the former is the birthday girl. We all thought we would get some practice in before we had to do it in public.
It was one of the most fun evenings we have had. Honestly, I have the coordination of a headless chicken but I could cope with this one. (Those of you horrified by this there is another room in Great Chesterford community centre you can escape to.)
However there was one dance in which the caller said we had to do a basket. It involved the men putting their arm around the woman's waist and the woman putting her arm around the mans shoulder. Then you joined with the couple opposite and spun round fast. The idea was that the ladies feet would leave the ground during this spin. As you know I am not petite and did not think this was a great idea and neither did Trevor. However the guy opposite (in a kilt) had other ideas and goodness he was strong. I just about managed to keep my feet on the ground but he certainly made that a fast spin. It was quite hilarious. However, if the caller in May says there will be a basket - I'm out of there!
Finally, Ceilidh! Irish or Scottish? I had always assumed the former but lots of people asked me if I was celebrating Burns night when I told them I was going and there were two men in kilts. The band was Irish so I am going to keep it to the Emerald Isle


oreneta said...

The coordination of a headless chicken...heehee hee...great line.

Helen said...

I wentto a barn dance some years ago in St Donats and the young and skinny student who was meeting me in the middle of the set joined arms and did spin me off my feet and I had a huge bruise on my arm the following day. i love country dancing.