Sunday, February 15, 2009


Cambridge is our nearest city and there are few more beautiful cities. This year the university is celebrating it's 800th birthday! Happy Birthday Cam Uni! It is also celebrating Darwin's 200th birthday! Go Charlie. It also got a very snazzy new clock last year on an outside wall of Corpus Christi College. It is about 12 foot and quite the eye catcher (you do have to sit through an ad if you go to that link)
Anyway, today we had reason to visit this fair city. Trev had to go shopping for my birthday, which is very important indeed! I went along for the nice lunch and to have a pootle round the shops myself. One of the things I needed to buy was a new toilet brush so I went into John Lewis's and was amazed to find there was one for sale for £61!!!!! Really, I would want it to do the cleaning for me. Surprisingly, I opted for the one that cost £4. I mean if ever there was a utilitarian household object that's it. Surely, nobody is going to go into your loo and come out and say "What a beautiful toilet brush, pray what art gallery did you purchase it from?"
I was also looking out for a 21st birthday present for Erin's friend, Heather, whom I have known nearly all her life. I had by now moved to the kitchen department and saw the perfect thing. Onion goggles! You wear them them to prevent crying while peeling and chopping onions. Who wouldn't want that, both amusing and practical. I bought them forthwith but now I've got them home I think they may be too silly even for a present from me. Also I thought it was the smell of onions that made your eyes water. Ah well, back to the drawing board.
Finally, Cambridge has many a famous alumni. But two of them:

Rory McGrath and Stephen Hawking

I see around the city more than I see anybody I know. OK, so Stephen Hawking is rather visible when you're at a restaurant or in the cinema.
But Rory McGrath! He's a bit of blokey bloke, incase you don't know him and a twit really. I think he's following me. We saw him today. But even more weird we saw him on holiday in Cornwall last year. Spooky


Helen said...

The price of some functional objects never fails to amaze me. I agree that Cambridge is beautiful and has the great advantage that the City council forbade high rise in the centre.

oreneta said...

I used to wear a snorkel mask to chop onions and deal with the stove on the boat sometimes, depended on wind and tide issues...tmi...paired with a nice headlamp, it is quite the fashion statement. That said, it helps.

Mr K said...

I've seen Rory Mcgrath a few times too. And every time i see him he's wearing a blue shirt! I am seriously worried about his personal hygeine! xxx

Mr K said...

OH no!!! my message posted as Kieran but I#m Alice!!! this is terrible!! :o)

Hilarious Catastrophes said...

Ah! that's better! And Boo, I think by going to John Lewis and descovering two of their most ludicrous items, you have single-handedly revealed the answer to that age old question "What do you buy for people have everything?" !!! xxx