Sunday, February 15, 2009

New car

Ooops - I am getting a new car. we were looking online for a new car for Brian whose car is really doddering now, and I saw the Honda Jazz on a local website and said 'that's what I want'. We went out to look at cars for Brian (didn't find one) but I did drive and am buying the Honda. It is 2004 but only 29000 miles on the clock, and is silver and lovely. It is a bit earlier than I had intended to replace my car, but it is what I wanted and it is a good price so..... roll on Wednesday. We are still looking for a car for Brian.

Kate and I have been looking at wedding venues and saw 2 really nice ones yesterday which have gone to the top of the heap, and Kate and Carl are going back today so Carl can see them. In fact I am going to phone Kate now to see how they got on.



oreneta said...

Now I have to go find out what one of those looks like....good luck with the wedding planning with Kate.

Boo and Trev said...

Ooh what an exciting weekend! While I was buying toilet brushes!!