Monday, February 23, 2009

Day in Oxford

We had a day out in Oxford yesterday, because we were going to see a new music theatre piece by George Benjamin - which was excellent and well worth the trip. We had a good potter around and the weather was pleasantly springlike which made it very enjoyable. As a Cambridge girl I don't think Oxford is a beautiful as Cambridge, and there are a lot of houses which have been badly modernised and there is a lot less green than in Cambridge because the river is much less of a feature and the old colleges aren't together in the same way. Also there was a serious shortage of tea shops. Cafes, but not tea shops! However we did have a lovely potter and here are some pics

This guy looks very like the mad hatter and has a lovely triangular drainpipe

Brian in the street - just to prove we were there.

The view from the street - if you are not one of the elite you can see through the bars or...

The view from inside

And finally

A lovely lopsided door to add to my collection. One of a group of Flemish weavers cottages now turned into a hotel.

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