Saturday, December 15, 2007

Garfield and Odi

We just stopped off at a local shop to buy a paper. There was a terrier like dog tied up outside gazing at the door with devotion. Not unusual you will agree. However what was strange was the cat next to it. It kept rubbing itself against the dog - and I mean it's bum against the dog's face but the dog continued staring at the door. Eventually the cat sat down companionably close to the dog who continued to ignore it. I can only conclude that they had been introduced on a previous occasion!

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Hilarious Catastrophes said...

I'm quite sure they must be good friends... A case of unrequited love perhaps?! I'm inventing all kinds of charming stories about these two unlikely lovers... What trials and tribulations will they encounter on the course of true love?!... *camera pans out and up to storm clouds brewing above* Gosh, my creativity isn't finding a decent outlet at the moment, I do apologise. :o)