Monday, December 10, 2007


This is me outside the tiny little studio flat we had in Rome where we have been for 3 days. It was minute but great as we had our own little kitchen, table and chairs and sofa to lounge on, as well as immaculately clean bathroom and very comfy bed (once you negotiated the very steep very narrow stairs to the mezzanine where the bed was). It was so small I couldn't get a picture of the inside. However it was brilliantly situated and we really liked it. We crammed in a day in the Vatican, did some of the Vatican galleries, Sistine Chapel and St Peters. St Peters is really hideous - that very chopped liver look you get with lots of marble never has done much for me. However the view from the top when you have climbed the steps is well worth it.

This is the front of the Temple of Saturn and then Brian in front of the temple and the rostrum. It is extraordinary to stand where Julius Caesar strolled around. I was really impressed with Rome and found it a much easier city to navigate around than I expected -
much more compact and less "big cityish" than I though it might be. We walked miles!! By then end of day two my feet were starting to complain in earnest, but well worth it.

This is a view of St Peters which is quite nice outside, just ugly from inside.

We didn't see everything on our list, as we ran out of time and the Bernini sculptures will have to wait for another time (fingers crossed), but we did thoroughly enjoy it.

On another note I have heard from Nicky and she is enjoying her job in Denmark, and has fallen in love with one of her horses. They are at a big Christmas show this week on the mainland bit of Denmark, and then in the spring they will be going to shows in italy!! Not bad is it?

I am having an operation on my right wrist for carpel tunnel syndrome on Thursday so won't be typing for a week or two (or at least one fingered and left handed which will be about the same thing - I can't type one handed) It is done under a local and doesn't sound as though it will be any worse than some dental treatment. Fingers crossed (while I still can!). love Helen


oreneta said...

Glad you're having a lovely time before the surgery, good luck, I hope it makes everything better...

katemcnabb said...

Nice to know Nicky's getting on alright!

Photos are lovely, suprised to hear what you said about St. Peters inside as it's stunning from the outside. Now I've been to Paris I think Rome is definitely next on my list of cities :)