Sunday, December 02, 2007


This weekend we went to visit Kieran and Alice who now live in Southampton. Over the months that he has lived there we have made enquiries about what is the best thing about Southampton and everyone has said that it is near really nice places like Winchester and the New Forest and is easy to get out of. Even the brochure in our hotel said pretty much the same. It would appear it has been the victim of Nazi town planning; a difficult look to master and one that poor old Southampton doesn't quite manage. So who are we to argue with general opinion. On Saturday we took ourselves off to Portsmouth which has managed the Nazi town planning a little more attractively! Here is the Spinnaker tower. Amazing views!
Here are Alice and Kieran on HMS Warrior. I'm sure her aiming a cannon on my eldest born is nothing to worry about.
Here is HMS Victory. We also went to look at the Mary Rose but it is constantly sprayed with waxy solution to stop it dissolving. It looks like an atmospheric ghost ship but the photos were rubbish.
So. That was Saturday. Maybe we gave Soton a chance on Sunday. No way - we popped into Winchester on our way home which is very pretty and the Cathedral cafe had some seriously yummy cakes! (Oh and the Cathederal is very beautiful! No pictures it was pouring)

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A Carter In OZ said...

Hello Carters in Southampton! My Carter ancestors left Southampton in 1849, bound for Adelaide, South Australia. Am pleased to see that there are still many Carters in Southampton, and wonder if our families might be connected! Happy to share family history info with Carters whose origins are in Hampshire! Cheers from Australia!