Sunday, September 30, 2007

Check out the website

Hi everyone - this is a link to the entry about Brian on the spnm website
This is making it feel very real! Also he has his picture in the magazine this month too! He is going to London at the end of october to have a sort of meeting of all the new shortlisted composers which is both exciting and scary.

We are off to Poland in march with the Choir - (did my email reach you Jo? We would really really appreciate it if anyone has any folk songs we could use - we do have a Polish student to teach us pronounciation) which is exciting too, though perhaps chillier.

Nic is back from the USA having had a wonderful time and with a pressing need to find work to earn money - good thing say I.

I have downloaded a web authoring package and had my first play with it this afternoon. If it all works *(very big if that) you will be able to look at Brian's own website. As a daughter and a niece are professional marketing managers I feel a bit on thin ice here, doing the marketing thing with Brian, however everyone has to learn something new and start somewhere. We are not being ambitious with this website though - simple and elegant is what we're aiming for.
(my aim has never been very good either) I hope everyone is well and happy
love Helen

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oreneta said...

We are indeed well and happy. This is all pretty amazing for Brian. Good luck with the website.


Say hi ti Nicky for us, it was great to see her.