Saturday, September 01, 2007

Nicky goes sailing!!!

The arrival of Nicky and her home girls, along with a, well, a guy. Chaperoned carefully by her Uncle....

On the ferry....

On the boat....they had lovely short skirts on a windy day.

They were a ton of fun, and we had a lovely time, though I hear a rumour that book 7 may be headed my way, although it seemed to have been forgotten.

Ah well.

They were lovely fun, they are headed off to the shoe museum, and possibly the Art Gallery, there is a show on of photographic weaving, and one of Nicky's friends is in textile design school specialising in weaving so interest is high.

They are all off to Niagara Falls tomorrow, another boat ride, this time the Maid of the Mist. An apparently obligatory trip on a voyage to Canada.


kate.mcnabb said...

Nice to see Nicky's alive and well despite being incommunicado for so long :)

I'm very jealous, looks like a glorious day.


Boo and Trev said...

Looks like you are enjoying lovely weather out there! - not jealous at all!

Helen said...

She was definitely meant to leave book 7 with you because she didn't want to cart it around with her!

oreneta said...

Helen: I got it today, shehad a blast at Niagara, and they apparently slept quite a bit while they were here, which they probably needed, and are off to Boston tonight on an overnight bus, joined by two more friends from camp so they are now up to six of them.

She's great fun, wish we had seen more of her.