Wednesday, August 08, 2007


So my friend Alison who Carl and I met in Cyprus and whose wedding we went to last year, has just had her first baby. Wee Isla Buchanan joined the world on 28th July (same birthday as you mum) so I went out at lunch time today to get her some presents. Found myself in the baby clothes section of Next and just turned into a gibbering, broody wreck! Can't believe it! Who'd have thought a few cute pink frocks and some Winnie the Pooh merchandise could do that to a Marketing-Manager-who's-quite-happy-having-a-dog-and-no-children-thank-you-very-much?

So she ended up with a gorgeous denim dungaree dress and this lush teeny hoodie plus a little cuddly Piglet to go with her Winnie the Pooh...she's also pictured here with their dog Ringo who Carl still misses 5 years after leaving Cyprus.

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Helen said...

Excellent birthday!! She will clearly be a great success in life. She is as cute as a button too. Broody?????