Friday, August 03, 2007

Swimming Pool Rage!

Well, enough of lovely holidays and weddings and I will relate the strange experience I had this morning. I have taken to going swimming at our local baths at 6.45am. A bit ghastly but to be honest I’m barely awake enough to know what’s happening and the pool is full of people who just want to swim, no flirting teenagers or other people generally enjoying themselves. Anyway, at this time I often see people I know. (I’m not saying that Saffron Walden is a small town, but at Jon and Niamh’s wedding I was talking to Niamh’s Irish aunt who knew one person in SW and I know them too!)
The swimming pool is 25m by 10m. Two lanes are cordoned off for fast swimmers, two for slower swimmers and the other four just for general dawdlers (like me!)
Anyway, one of my acquaintances, Carol, is rather a fast swimmer but she was doing her serious lengths in the dawdling area for some unknown reason. Kathy, another acquaintance was swimming rather slowly with a friend chatting all the time. (How does one hold a conversations at that hour in the morning is beyond me). Suddenly Carol went up to them and told them off. She said that the pool was for swimming not chatting! They went and complained to the lifeguard who obviously couldn’t really do anything (because he was 12!). But when Carol saw this she went ballistic and laid into them again. Very strange indeed.
To be honest, I think Carol was wrong. You pay your £3 to use the pool, providing you don’t break the rules I don’t think you actually have to swim. Actually Carol and I talked about doing a job share when our kids were younger. I’m glad that didn’t go anywhere, she would have shouted at me for being a slacker!


kate.mcnabb said...

Oh my god! That's horrible! I know it was early and I am not generally a happy bunny at that time of day, but really - to shout at people that you know like that, that's just awful.

Well done for getting up that early and going swimming, v.impressive :)

Hilarious Catastrophes said...

People are very strange in the mornings... I expect it was a flash in the pan kind of annoyance which makes one feel silly later on. I call it people politics... for example, the politics of unmbrella carrying while walking around yorks narrow corners is something to behold... quite baffling how people react if their unbrella gets clipped by another, obviously inferior umbrella!

Helen said...

How peculiar! I think they should have yelled back and told her to get out of the slow lane and into the fast one. She definitely sounds like someone who shouldn't be allowed out of the house while suffering from low blood sugar. why are people so nasty sometimes?

oreneta said...

Whatever you do, it sounds like you shouldn't get in a car with her either...such drama so early in the morning..

fran said...

I would have thought if one chooses to go swimming at 6.45 in the morning then one must put up with a bunch of nutters. Obviously she had alighted from her bed on the wrong side.I think you and your two chatty friends should move to the fast lane.Any complaints should be put to the 12 year old,as we all know it's useless to argue with a teenager.