Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lapdog Vs Laptop

Out dog Gromit is a cavalier king charles spaniel. He is a lap dog and after centuries of interbreeding he may be as far removed from the wolf original as is possible but he is an expert at getting on people’s laps. You go around any stately home in the UK and the chances are you will see a painting of a bulgy eyed cavvy gazing out at you from somebody’s lap. They have few talents but this is one of them.
Gromit’s favourite lap is Erin’s. However since she became a student she has had a laptop computer which has become a rival for her lap. This does not defeat our small toothless hound however as with some persistance he still manages to find a bit of her lap to rest his head even when the computer is already there.
Imagine his surprise then, when the other day she shut her computer and trapped one of his ears in it. Apparently, he didn’t notice it till she moved the computer and his ear went with it! Ouch!
Toshiba 1 Canine 0!


oreneta said...

Poor pup, but how could he have not noticed?

kate.mcnabb said...

I can sympathise with Erin - everytime I work from home I have Saffy's big wet nose nudging her way onto my lap despite the fact my Dell is in the way.

Poor Gromit, I knew he wasn't the sharpest tool in the box but thought he'd have felt that!

Helen said...

I could make the obvious comment that where there is no sense there is no feeling, but I wouldn't be so rude to Gromit - or would I?

Hilarious Catastrophes said...

Awww poor Gromit! I think he's just misunderstood... *sigh*