Friday, March 02, 2007

If you prick me do I not bleed? Umm, apparently not..

So, in my bid to do something good for mankind I decided to become a blood donor. Off I traipsed to my nearest session, bit nervous as you can imagine. Whilst I was waiting someone fainted after having donated their pint and on his way down to the floor took out the little old lady who was serving everyone weak squash and digestive biscuits. Eeeek thought I.

I made my way over to the bed, more scared than I care to admit and then they stuck a needle into me which really hurt actually....turns out the reason it hurt so much is that my vein 'ran away' and my arm immediately bruised up! So they abandoned that arm and then tried my other one...only for exactly the same thing to happen again.

So I now I look like an intravenous junkie scummer and didn't actually manage to help save mankind. Great. What a waste of an hour and a half on a Wednesday evening!!

Quick update on the bridesmaid diet too, having stayed the same all week despite being incredibly disciplined, I have now managed to shave off another pound meaning there is more progress on my chart. Hurrah :)


oreneta said...

How much does a pint of blood weigh? You tried anyway. How gruesome.

Boo and Trev said...

Similar stuff has happened to me. I once gave attempted to give blood and as I was on the slab the nurse said " I'm a trainnee would you mind if I tried to put the line in?" My inside was saying Yes I do mind leave me alone. But my voice said. "Of course I don't mind" Anyway I have quite difficult veins and she made a complete pigs ear of it, left me bruised and failed to get blood. So they then decided to use the other arm but they had to do more paper work. So instead of getting me up to do it myself they left me lying there. So basically I got cold and my blood circulation got really sluggish. They got the line in this time but they could only get about a quarter of a pint out. Bit of a waste of time but I enjoyed horrifying people with my bruised arm
You should ask Kieran about his first blood donor experience!

Helen said...

I've given up trying to give blood. I used to do it regularly and provided they used the right arm (the left one doesnot like giving up the blood) it was fine. However with menstrual problems they kept finding me anaemic and sending me to for a test, then I seemed to have a run of dental appointments when the clinic was around and was rejected on those grounds, or I had a cold, or I had taken a tablet or..or..or. I've more or less given up now. Though I never have had a problem with the injections or the blood thing. Hey - you get a free biccie and cup of tea!!

Anonymous said...

i had that problem too! they couldnt get any blood out, and because my first time i almost fainted, they couldnt take anymore cos i was a fainter! i felt like such a failure! have since been a bit nerveous about doing it, and have been using my vietnam trip for an excuse for a bit too long now i think! xxx erin