Monday, February 26, 2007

Calcotada and Peggy

My folks came down for a long weekend last week, and we were lucky enough to be invited down to my husband's families place for a day, and for a calcotada. This is a very traditional Catalan celebration. A calcot is a member of the onion family, and is somewhere between a leek and a green onion. They cook them over a very hot fire, literally. All kindling, big flames and no coals. They cooked them on a metal bed frame, which probably doesn't date back all that far, but is now the usual technique. Once they are removed from the flames, they are piled into newspapers, and eaten out of doors, with a Romesco sauce though the one we had was looser than in the recipe you will find if you click on the name. Needless to say it is messy. You have to pull off the charred exterior, dip it, and then raise it above your head and eat it rabbit style. Mmmmm.

Here is a lovely photo of Peggy from November in Spain. Irrepressible as always, she will be hopping onto the Queen Mary II again and visiting Joanne in Poland in the spring.

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Boo and Trev said...

Peggy is amazing. Well, if she's in Europe she can definitely take part in the book group!