Friday, February 16, 2007

Book group continued...

Well, the book group that I'm in has 7 members and we take it in turns to choose a book. We meet once a month, discuss the book and then have choccy biccies and tea! Helen's book group seems to have abandoned books altogether and just have bring and share suppers! (I think I can hear the outrage from here!) Our only rule is that the book should be no fatter than an inch - although this isn't strongly adhered to. It does mean we get a chance to read something else as well. We have gone as low brow as The Da Vinci Code and as high brow as Turgenev. (the best thing to say about that is that the covers were nicely close together). However, we have been meeting for some years and we do know each others tastes. Some people won't read fantasy and others refuse to touch children's literature.

I think we need to limit ourselves to one book say every three months. I'm open to suggestions about this. I think the fact that we have people from around the globe in the family might widen our horizons. Infact I might write to Peggy and suggest she gets involved. She could always write her opinions.

I'll maybe send out a family email to see if people who don't read the blog are interested.


Mr K said...

how would this work? Make a post with the book title and then we discuss it in comments- that could certainly work. We could even be terribly modern and meet up on msn, but that could be somewhat chaotic!

oreneta said...

How do we chose the book?