Monday, February 19, 2007

Book club and diet crash.. opposed to crash diet! Spent last week in Germany for work drinking beer and eating sausages so completely crashed my diet!! Can't face the scales so being good this week and I'll weigh in again next week - lame perhaps but sanity saving too.

On the subject of the book club, I love the idea!! Don't mind how we do it but I love getting suggestions from other people. Think the best way to do it would be to take it in turns to pick a book and we all try and read it. And as Kieran says we could be terribly cutting edge and have a virtual meeting to discuss it!!!

Whatever's decided count me in :)


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oreneta said...

For the techno geeks in the crowd, a little weeny lesson in the virtual meeting would be needed....sounds fun though.

Who picks first? Boo as the moderator?

Kate, hope you had a good time crashing the diet anyway.