Wednesday, February 21, 2007

First book

Ok. Here is my idea for the first book.
Holes by Louis Sachar.
It is a kid’s book but would suit kids of all ages and after all it was a kid’s book that started this all off. I first came across it when it appeared in a BBC list a few years ago of the nations 100 favourite books. It was the only one I had never heard of so I read it. I like it very much. It’s not too new so it is available from libraries, Amazon, ebay etc. There is also a film of it for those too lazy to read. I have a copy which could be posted to Spain when we’ve reread it. Your girls may like it too, Chris.
So shall we say 1st June to discuss it and we’ll work out the intricacies nearer the time.


oreneta said...

That would be great, we have read a few books by him and quite enjoyed it...he is the author of the sideways schools...or something similar?

Mr K said...

excellent, that sounds good. Heh, I'll probably wait until I come home to read it.... I assume this works by cycling round and each person getting a chance to choose the next book?