Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I feel this blog has been overtaken by Facebook which, to be honest is quicker and simpler. However, I feel that something should go on it once a month so I am just going to have a quick blog about how much I enjoyed the Olympics. I think everyone in the UK and especially those who experience public transport in the South East on a regular basis were kind of dreading it. Also the weather had been insanely wet this spring. However, once the opening ceremony started it was as if we were all enchanted including the elements. Nearly everyone entered into the spirit of the games with enthusiasm. Throughout the 2 weeks everyone was talking about it. You could chat to shopkeepers, workmates, friends and family and almost everyone was loving it. Usually, dry witty people I follow on Twitter were blubbering sentimental fans. On the tube the driver announced results passengers were cheering and smiling at each other. London felt like a different place! It was fantastic that you could go to Hyde Park and there was the Olympics in front of you for free! Before it started I thought the logo was rubbish and we all laughed at the outfit my friend Julie, who is a volunteer, had to wear. Now I feel a pang of nostalgia when I see them Since it has finished I feel the sort of sadness I feel when I have finished reading Harry Potter novels. Still, we have the Paralympics to come and we have tickets for 3 different events so lets hope we can do as well a second time. Here are some BBC montages to bring it all back Mind you however sentimetal I have become I still think the mascot was rubbish!

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katemcnabb said...

As you know, I was also obsessed with the Olympics. Wasn't interesting *at all* before they started, in fact we even booked our camping trip during the second week. Fools!

I loved every single minute and even when we were away, Radio 5 did a brilliant job of covering everything. I fell in love with Ian Thorpe and Clare Balding on the BBC and generally cried everytime someone won something. Or in fact lost something.

The atmosphere around the country was truly something I'll never forget and I now feel really glad I at least made the effort to go to the torch relay seeing as we didn't go to any of the events.

Looking forward to the Paralympics and jealous that you have tickets!

Kate xxxx