Sunday, July 22, 2012


 We have had a varied couple of weeks off, with mixed weather but we did manage to get out and about a lot.  Here we are a Rhos y Gylwen which had opened the gardens as part of the National Gardens scheme
 This was a coot feeding her baby at Slimbridge wetlands centre. 
 One of 4 stained glass windows in Hereford Cathedral which are stunning.  The commemorate A E Houseman
 Hereford cathedral has lots of icon type art up - here is a Madonna and child

 This is Ludlow - we didn't see much because it was late when we got there but we had a very nice dinner after a very nice cup of tea, so we were impressed
 This is Capel y Ffin which is tiny.  It probably holds about 20 people. It is on a back road (about an F road) between Hay and Abergavenny.  Eric Gill lived here for about 4 years, in a sort of monastry place nearby.  The chapel is still in use.
 Llanthony Prior.  Same road as Capel y Ffin, and was an Augustine priory up to the reformation.  It remimded us both of Strata Florida.  Lovely place.
 This is Tretower Court.  There was a castle here but in the 16th century they built a manor house.  As you can see CADW have done a brilliant job on presenting it. They could show Hampton Court a thing or two, especially in the kitchen.  They have had the painted backdrop done specially and it is scenes from the family history.  There was food set out, with all the cutlery etc, and the hangings have been done specially too.  It was absolutely brilliant.
 This is a shot of the kitchen, where they have had new oak cupboards made as they would have been at the time.  Where they have repaired some of the woodwork with new beams etc they have used oak and copied the way exactly as the originals
This is one of many loos.  This place had an en suite in all the major rooms.  They clearly decided on comfort when they built it as the main bedrooms have en suites as well as the downstairs rooms.

Back to work tomorrow, but we have Hadrian's wall to look forward to

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It all looks lovely. The Mappa Mundi exhibition is really good,I thought