Thursday, May 31, 2012

Night at the musuem

Erin has been living the Bridget Jones life in London for over a year.  She regales us with
stories of all the fun that can be had in our nations capital.  Most of it falls into the category of interesting but I would rather not ie hip hop karoake, cocktails that are on fire and clubbing, to - name a few.  However one thing that caught our attention was museum lates.  Once a month many of the museums have an adults only evening.  The Science museum's is on the last Wednesday of the month and yesterday Trev, me and Jill decided to go.  Erin had assured us that there were older people there and although it was mostly 20 somethings there were many 40 and 50 somethings.  There is all manner of things to do.   There were brass bands, Science talks, a quiz, cockroach tours flight simulators and for yournger people speed dating, drinking, eating and a silent disco.  It is such fun and such a good humoured atmosphere.
As it was our first time we just wandered around the museum and pressed buttons with no meddling under 10 year olds to spoil the fun!  They have a different theme each month and this month was Music and Science.  We went to the Universe of Sound exhibition where there was a virtual orchestra playing  the Planets by Holst.  They had filmed each member of the Orchestra and you went throught the exhibit listening to different sections of the orchestra and it explained how the instruments worked.  In the percussion section you could have a go with a Wii like interactive tutorial.  I got caught with a tamborine in my hand by one of the enthusiastic young members of staff who herded me over to the tubular bells.  I gave it a good go but Trev informed me that I was ahead in most of it.  I was also slightly deaf.  I wonder if most percussionist get a bit hard of hearing.  You could also have a go at conducting.
The staff are amazing.  Universally enthusiastic and as I am sure they only earn a pittance is admirable
Basically, it was a really fun evening.  Highly reccommended.  We intend to do a Zoo late next but probably leave the Natural History Museum until after the Olympics.


Helen said...

What fun!!

katemcnabb said...

That sounds awesome :)