Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Preparation 2011

Well, we decided to see Sherlock Holmes on Sunday, so set off early to get parked for free in Cambridge. Very successful that was, but once we got there it started sleeting and was very cold. So our initial stroll round the Botanics became a close inspection of the greenhouses. Imagine our surprise when we came across these in the alpine display:

Alpine gardens plus

Yes, it is Santa!
So that was fun.  The sleet stopped so we had a shop and saw Sherlock, great fun as you'll know from Facebook posts.  This year we decided to follow up our triumph with the Yew tree with the top of our Holly tree.  So here it is, we're so green!

Tree resting en route
Tree in position
Great thing about the tree is it has its own berries, so half the decorating is done already.


Helen said...

That really looks very good - it is much bigger than I imagined it would be

oreneta said...

That looks great, but you must have been badly spiked in the process.

Boo and Trev said...

It's a non prickly tree!