Sunday, November 27, 2011

Peggy's photo album

The photos that I put into an album for Peggy's birthday are on Picassa, and the link is here

I have borrowed Brian's scanner, so can do more of the old pictures which I have if people want to see them. 

Any requests????


katemcnabb said...

Great album!

Could you possibly hang onto Brian's scanner for a bit? Would love to get some of my pics scanned in xxxx

Boo and Trev said...

They are great. The older ones especially are great if you've got the time to scan them in

Helen said...

I have sort of swiped the scanner, so will have it for a while. I was thinking of working through some of the older photos, they come up much better when scanned because they are more than 1 inch square and you can see them better

Anonymous said...

I swiped the ancestors stuff from Boo. It would be great to scan all that stuff. Logistics, we are in UK after Jan 7 for about 4 weeks can we work something out?