Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend in the Malvern Hills

The view to the Vale of Evesham from the Malvern Beacon
Where are we going?

Climbing over one of many stiles on a walk from Bishops Frome

This is - we decided - a stuffed woodpecker which someone has nailed to a tree.  We looked for a good 5 minutes and it never moved

Alice coming down a very steep hill

Brian, Alice and Kieran in the cafe at St Anne's Well

Here we are on top of the Malvern Beacon (in the rain),  looking towards Wales
We had a lovely long weekend in Herefordshire with Boo, Trev, Kieran and Alice.  We did some lovely walks in stunning scenery and less than wonderful weather.  However it never poured on us, just showered sometimes.  From up on the top of the Beacon you can see miles and miles to east and west.  It's not an area I had ever visited properly before, though I have driven round it, and it is beautiful in a very  hilly way!

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