Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Llanelli Wetlands trust day out

 We had a day out at the Llanelli Wetlands and Wildlife trust yesterday.  We started off on the estuary side where we failed to see very many birds at all.  We did see this heron, and some gulls, and a few ducks, but it was pretty birdless so we went round to the other side where they have resident birds.
 They have a family group of Whooper swans - of which this is one.  They had them arranged in continents, though the birds seemed to be declining to stay in their carefully arranged pools and popped up in different pools.
The moorhen wasn't supposed to be in the tundra area for instance.
 This cute child ( don't know who she belonged to) was having a lovely time feeding the geese
This is a very pretty duck but I can't remember what type of duck as there are loads and loads of them.

We had a very pleasant day pottering about.  They offer you the use of bikes for the part with no birds in it, but we decided to walk.  You can also go on a canoe safari which might be fun another time.  The use of the bikes and canoes is included in the admission charge which I thought was pretty good.

The cafe was nice and we had a pot of tea with extra hot water, also the cakes were home made and the coffee and walnut cake Brian had ( and I had a bit of) was very good indeed.  They also had comfy couches which overlooked pools where you could sit and watch the birds in warmth and comfort with tea.  Excellent.

We felt very seriously inadequate on the camera front because some of the camera lenses there looked like they could put the Hubble telescope out of business.  They were huge!  Feet long!  There was a lady sitting reading her book in the cafe so we came to the conclusion she was a bird spotting widow.

However you really do need a decent pair of binoculars to get the benefit of the wild side (maybe that's why we couldn't see any other than the heron)  There was a chap there selling them and I did have a look through some, which did make the distance come really close and were very impressive, however as I don't have £90 to spare at the moment (spending all my extra money on exciting things like guttering and getting Nic's window fixed - ho hum) we didn't buy any.

It was a lovely day, and as we had been working hard the previous two days it was even more enjoyable.

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Boo and Trev said...

We noticed the impressive cameras and binoculars when we went to Minsmere. I think Trev has binocular envy