Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scattering of Matt's ashes

View from where we scattered the ashes
Pack Horse Inn - one of Matt's favourite pubs where we had lunch
Getting ready to scatter the ashes
Scattering the ashes
Lunch in the pub

Boo, Trev, Brian and I all met up in Hebden Bridge this weekend to scatter Matt's ashes.  He had told her where he wanted them scattered, under a single oak tree where other members of her family have had their ashes scattered.  The weather was a bit moist, but it didn't pour with rain so we set off to find the tree, and then all scattered them as close to the tree that we could get.

This is the view from the spot.

As Blogger is playing up I am having problems putting these into order, so next picture shows the pub Matt really liked where we went to have lunch after we had scattered the ashes.

Although it looks like we are scattering them around the telegraph pole, we are actually throwing them towards the single oak tree down hill from where we are standing.

The view from the tree is lovely and the valley is quite beautiful.  It is a lovely spot

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Anonymous said...

Good for you. Sorry I couldn't be there