Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lens envy

A couple of weeks ago the sun was shining and Trev and I decided to head for the seaside resort of Dunwich Heath. Our plan to have a picnic then walk along the coast for a few miles. Find a cream tea and consume it and then head back.
So when we got there we had our picnic in a force 10 gale. We had to hold onto the entire meal before it went flying off towards the Netherlands. So a quick rethink!
We both quite like birdwatching so we decided to do the adjacent bird sanctuary Minsmere which is behind the sea wall and more sheltered.

It is several meres with many an observation hide. We strolled for a bit then climbed up to the first hide only to realise the flagrant amateur birders that we are. I have never seen camera equipment and observation gear like it unless it was at the Royal Wedding or an observatory. These people had thousands of pounds worth of equipment! It was mind boggling. Whereas Trev had a normal camera and normal binoculars and I had a monocular. I looked like I was heading for a stamp collectors fare and had lost my way.
The true birders ignored us as we were not worthy of their attention. They were there for the day and were not giving up their seats for rank part timers like us.
Some of them had their children there. If every my children complain about the boring things I may have made them do in their childhood (OK they do have a point with Kenneth Brannagh's four hour Hamlet) I will point out how much more bored they could have been.
Anyway, we enjoyed looking at the birds very much and I think Trev is hankering after some better binoculars for his birthday when I thought I had planted the idea of a Kindle in his mind.  Jill did point out that at a place like that you could stare intensely into a tree and you were bound to attract a crowd!
By the way the photos(Avocet and Marsh Harrier) were obviously not ours but of somebody at the RSPB with killer equipment!

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